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First Questions and Answers: What makes it rain?

With flaps to lift on every page, this delightful book answers the questions that all young children ask about the weather, from Where does wind come from? to Why is it colder in winter? With surprising facts and weather forecasting tips, it makes a brilliant introduction to weather.

Lift-the-flap Questions and Answers about Nature

Why do spiders make webs? Where do clouds come from? And how many leaves does a tree have? Inquisitive young children can discover the answers to these questions and many more in this beautifully illustrated information book, containing over 60 flaps to lift. A fascinating introduction to the natural world.

Look Inside Wild Weather

Discover all kinds of wild weather, from terrifying tornadoes to deadly droughts, in this fascinating information book with over 50 flaps to lift. See a storm raging out at sea, find out how wildfires happen and discover how climate change is affecting weather and what we can do to help our planet.Includes Usborne Quicklinks to specially selected websites for videos and weather activities to try at home.

Peep Inside a Beehive

Discover how honey is made, what bees do all day and how baby bees are born in this fascinating introduction to the world of bees. With colourful illustrations, flaps to lift and holes to peep through.

Peep Inside a Bird’s Nest

Peep inside a bird's nest to see her precious eggs nestled there. Lift a flap to see them hatch, and find out how a bird takes care of its young. Discover all kinds of different nests and chicks, from teeny-tiny humming birds nests to great big muddy flamingo nests, and even learn how penguins take care of their eggs in the snow without a nest at all.

Usborne Lift-the-flap Bugs&Butterflies


Usborne Lift-the-flap First Q&A Why do things die?

溫柔陪伴孩子探索生死課題, 生命如何誕生?樹木和花朵也有生命嗎? 當生命結束時如何協助孩子面對必然的情緒? 超過35個翻頁,引領孩子思索, 內容包含來自兒童心理學家的建議。
*適讀年齡:2-6歲  A beautiful and gentle look at the circle of life, using Christine Pym's gorgeous animals characters to explore the emotions and facts around death, with questions such as Is it ok to talk about dying? What happens when someone dies? Can I shout and cry and hide away? and How can I stop feeling sad?

Usborne Lift-the-flap First Q&A Why do we need bees?

*適讀年齡:2-6歲 Why do we need bees? How do they make honey? And who's who in a beehive? Children can find the answers to these questions and many more in this informative lift-the-flap book. With colourful illustrations, simple text and chunky flaps to lift, young children can discover lots of amazing facts about bees and why they need our help.

Usborne Lift-the-flap Q&A about Growing Up

What’s the point of belly buttons? When will my voice go deep? Why do I have to go to bed? Curious children can find out about growing up and puberty, hormones, periods, shaving and much more in this entertaining book with over 60 flaps to lift. There are helpful tips on coping with growing up, and links to websites with more information, too.

Usborne Look Inside Nature

An inspiring book that explores the wonders of nature, with gorgeous illustrations and ingenious flaps. Look up in the trees, behind the reeds or under the ground to see what's living there, and discover how plants grow and make seeds.

Usborne Look Inside the Jungle

Get ready to swing through the treetops, creep along the forest floor and meet some of the most exotic animals on earth. Children can take a virtual tour through the world's jungles in this detailed lift-the-flap non-fiction book.

Usborne See Inside Germs

Explore the amazing microscopic world of germs – bacteria, viruses, and other microbes. Discover how they can make you sick and how your body fights them off, as well as some of the useful things they do for us.


充滿驚奇的創意造型書,層層變化和挖洞設計, 刺激觸覺與觀察力,快樂學習更多知識。
歡迎來到蜜蜂的家,一起看看蜜蜂們勤勞工作的成果吧! 你知道蜜蜂在地球上生活多久了嗎?蜜蜂和同伴們怎麼溝通呢?美味的蜂蜜是怎樣製造出來的? 小蜜蜂們總是忙碌的飛來飛去,採集花蜜和花粉,而待在蜂巢裡的蜜蜂也不會偷懶,牠們忙著照顧小寶寶、蜂后,還要打掃環境、建造新的房間。現在,一起去蜂巢探險,看看蜜蜂們的勤奮生活吧! ★創意造型:用層層疊疊及挖洞設計來模擬蜂巢樣貌,引起孩子好奇心。 ★觀察想像:先觀察洞裡的圖像,猜猜看蜜蜂們在做什麼?之後再找答案。 ★手眼協調:用小手觸摸書本特殊造型及不規則挖洞,促進手眼協調能力。 ★豐富知識:說明關於蜜蜂的習性、生活等,每頁都有不同的自然知識。 ★精緻繪圖:用可愛圖片來呈現蜂巢內的樣貌,加深記憶,快樂閱讀。 ★延伸學習:閱讀過程中可體會蜜蜂們努力後才有收穫,得到不同啟發。 ★趣味玩法:在牆前用手電筒照頁面,用好玩的影子說一說小蜜蜂的故事。

地震100問:最強圖解X超酷實驗 破解一百個不可思議的地科祕密


天氣100問:最強圖解X超酷實驗 破解一百個不可思議的氣象祕密