講述少女友誼漫畫 Comics about friendship Format Paperback | 216 pages Dimensions 140 x 202 x 18mm | 408g Publication date 31 Oct 2021


From The New York Times best-selling author-illustrator Kayla Miller comes a graphic novel about friendship and finding where you "click" in middle school, perfect for fans of Smile and Real Friends. Olive wants to get in on the act . . . . . . Any act! Olive “clicks” with everyone in the fifth grade—until one day she doesn’t. When a school variety show leaves Olive stranded without an act to join, she begins to panic, wondering why all her friends have already formed their own groups . . . without her. With the performance drawing closer by the minute, will Olive be able to find her own place in the show before the curtain comes up? The New York Times best-selling author-illustrator Kayla Miller has woven together a heartfelt and insightful story about navigating friendships, leaning on family, and learning to take the stage in the most important role of all.

大排長龍系列 共6冊


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